A cleft lip, cataracts or jaw bone infection? In the Netherlands, these things can be treated quickly and efficiently. In many third-world countries, things aren’t that easy. These countries often have no or minimal medical care. When left untreated, a cleft lip, cataracts or a jaw bone infection can become a permanent handicap. If you can’t see well, you can’t work. If you can’t work, you can’t take care of your family. As a child, a cleft lip means no school, which means a wasted opportunity for a better future. That is your destiny, in many remote areas.

Meds on Wheels wants to help these patients. With a mobile operation room, Meds on Wheels can perform surgery on anyone, anywhere. Will you help build our first mobile OR?


"As an international truck driver, you see an awful lot of unnecessary pain and misery."

Laurens de Graauw, founder of Meds on Wheels.

“In the bigger cities in Africa, you can usually expect some form of healthcare. However, if you live a few hundred kilometres further away, you won’t be as lucky. The distance is simply too big and there is no money for transport. I saw people with cataracts, in the prime of their lives, who had been given up. They were no longer useful to the community. It’s incredibly harsh, sad and unnecessary. I thought: if I can get there with my truck, a mobile OR can get there. That’s why I founded Meds on Wheels. With our mobile operation room, we can help people in all corners of the world.”


Meds on Wheels gives sick people in forgotten areas a chance to reintegrate into society. At this stage, Meds on Wheels is a fantastic idea. The organisations and professionals that support us agree. However, the idea has to become reality. The estimated cost of building a mobile operation room is EUR 500.000. We are striving to raise that amount in different ways.

What can

you do?

Any help is welcome. Yours too! You can of course donate money, but you could also use your personal network to support Meds on Wheels financially. Maybe you have some good ideas of your own, or you would like to contribute in a different way. Feel free to contact us at any time. Together we can make it happen.

What are

we going to do? 

Meds on Wheels will use a campaign to approach healthcare organisations. We would like to get the healthcare industry involved and encourage them to raise funds for a good cause: a mobile operation room. Apart from that, we will use this website to reach the public through crowd funding. Every person who donates money will have their picture or logo on the mobile OR. This way, all donors will join us on our journey to those forgotten areas.


Meds on Wheels!

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Meds on Wheels wants to use the mobile operation rooms to make a difference in often forgotten areas that are hard to reach. In those places, being or falling ill has huge consequences. Sick people are excluded from the community, left to themselves and might even die because they don’t get the relatively simple treatment they need. 

Working together

Meds on Wheels is an expert in the field of transport and different forms of transport (truck and operation room). However, Meds on Wheels does not perform surgery. That is why we decided to work together with Mercy Ships. Known for their hospital boats in the African coastal regions, Mercy Ships has embraced the opportunity to provide surgical help further inland.

The mobile

operation room

The crew’s safety and high-quality care for the patients are our main priorities. The mobile OR has therefore been equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment. Clean water, energy, oxygen and a sterile OR are standard. This way, surgery can be performed without limitations in rough areas, in temperatures from -40 up to +50 degrees Celsius.  The OR is fully operational within an hour after arrival.




Mercy Ships in an international, Christian development aid agency, committed to bringing hope and healing in developing countries. A lack of supplies, healthcare, medical knowledge and poor hygiene cause unnecessary diseases and deaths in these countries. Mercy Ships provides medical services, executed by qualified, specialised and experienced medical staff, e.g. surgeons, nurses, doctors and dentists.

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Lamboo Mobile Medical is an international company specialising in the engineering and manufacturing of Mobile and Modular healthcare solutions. Lamboo Mobile Medical focusses on:
mobile preventive treatments, mobile specialized treatments and mobile disaster management.

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Fitting a practice with treatment equipment that allows for professional working standards, without the costly pipe work or renovations, is one of Dental International's objectives.

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Meds on Wheels would like to thank the partners mentioned below for their knowledge, expertise and commitment with regard to communication and fundraising.



Meds on Wheels
Founded 4th February 2011


Laurens de Graauw


Hans Leemans
Pim Hinrich
Fred Steenwinkel
Ivo Delsing Nicolaas
Gerard Smith

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Hans Leemans - Chairman


Pim Hinrich - Secretary

For me, the year 2008 has been the start of a personal transformation process. After 25 years of entrepreneurship and management positions in various companies and organisations, I decided that, from that moment on, I only wanted to apply my strong organisational skills and knowledge to the development of organisations and companies that reflected my inner passions. Honesty, purity, and authenticity are essential to me in this regard and go hand in hand with drivenness and collective ambition. My main goal in life is to help people return to their intrinsic human strength. It is that strength that makes anything possible.


In my daily life I work as an interim manager and run my own company. However, I have always been fascinated by the dark and mysterious continent called Africa. I have had the privilege to visit this beautiful place several times, for business and for pleasure. The living circumstances and the culture left a deep impression on me and definitely broadened my horizon. Through Meds on Wheels, I hope to be able to contribute to the further development of this beautiful continent.

Ivo Delsing Nicolaas – Board member


Gerard Smith – Board member

‘’My name is Ivo Delsing Nicolaas, legal counselor at Delsing Nicolaas Legal Counselors. In 2008, my wife and I adopted twins from Nigeria.

Preparing for the adoption and staying in Nigeria triggered my interest in Africa, particularly Nigeria. It gives me great pleasure to commit myself to Meds on Wheels. The adoption of our children has enriched our life. By supporting Meds on Wheels, I hope to enrich the lives of others.’’


As an ophthamologist and ex-chairman of the Independant Clinics Netherlands and the Lions Foundation for the Blind, I am familiar with the problems regarding ophthalmology in remote areas, a matter which is close to my heart. Meds on Wheels provides on-site medical care in these areas, which used to be considered ‘unreachable’. Of course this requires education and training, in order to secure prevention and simple follow-up treatments in these remote communicties. “They need us, Meds on Wheels is there.”

Fred Steenwinkel - Treasurer



Meds on Wheels is a brilliant idea in all its simplicity. The execution and implementation of this project still require a lot of work. Due to my educational background and extensive experience as an accountant, economist and risk analyst, I will be able to make a concrete contribution to the project within the financial, governance and risk management area. In collaboration with various professionals, we are committed to making the realization of Meds on Wheels possible.




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